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Why The American Pit Bull Requires Responsible Owners

The pit bull probably rings out fear amongst a lot of people not only in this country but all over the world, where some countries like Great Britain, who by the way were the ones who originally bred them, do not even allow them to be bred in their country any longer. This had made life for this poor dog unfair and sometimes cruel.

The first thing you should know about these dog breeds is that they are completely and totally misunderstood. One of the best things and most amazing things about this dog is it's ability to be able to adapt to just about anything. They make wonderful dogs for rescue, therapy, guide dogs as well as drug and bomb sniffers. Here is what you can expect to to get from the American Pit Bull if he is given the proper love and attention he needs and deserves.

They are indeed, contrary to popular belief, great family dogs, they are extremely loving and love people without any hesitation. They are very easy to train and become great partners for jogging and other outdoor activities. They are extremely social and believe it or not they will greet most strangers who come into your home like they've known them all their lives, so they definitely don't make good guard dogs. They are extremely healthy and you can expect to have them around as part of your family for 12 or more years. If they are treated with love and respect these doges are safe with all people, being aggressive towards humans is not a true trait of this dog.

Some things that are not so positive with regards to this breed is that if you leave them a lone for too long they will be destructive to your furniture and other objects, but that is a lot like a lot of other dog breeds as well. It is true however that they may not get a long with other dogs, they especially are more aggressive towards the same sex so they really should never be left a lone with others especially of the same sex. You should never let this breed off their leash at a dog park for this reason.

A pit bull is only going to be as good as his family and as good as he is treated. They are not born vicious, in fact they are born very gentle and loving and never want to fight a person because of their extreme love and loyalty they have for people from the moment they have first contact with them. So in order for your pit bull to be healthy mentally and physically you need to be the responsible party. You can do so by following the following tips for their care.

Since this breed has a lot of energy and needs some way to burn it off you must take your dog out for short walks of about 15 minutes or just play fetch in the yard if you can't go for a walk. But this needs to be done often to help curb bad behavior because of their pent up energy.

No matter how good your dog gets a long with other animals when you are present it is never a good idea to leave them alone together. They are people dogs not animal dogs and it is simply in their nature to be aggressive towards other animals.

Always have your dog on his leash when in public and never give him the freedom to roam around free. This is more for your dogs protection than anything else. You need to understand there are a lot of cruel people in this world and especially those who hate pit bulls. So to protect your dog from cruelty or injury never let him roam free.

Make sure that if you have small children or someone brings over a small child, that you keep a close eye on the dog and the child. It is not because the dog is going to be aggressive to the child but it is more than likely the dog might want to play with the child and could accidentally scratch them or step on them by mistake in their excitement.

You should make sure that your dog is spayed or neutered. This will cut down on needless cross breeding and it will also cut down on the dog wanting to go out and roam.

You should think of taking your dog to training classes or even get a private trainer to help you with the training. You need to know how to control your dog with love and firmness. You should also remember to avoid all dog parks and to make sure that you socialize him. Take your dog with you to as many different places you can allowing him to meet all kinds of new people, especially those who have their own dogs. Socializing is part of the training process and will help cut down on future behavior problems.

Like any dog, make sure your pit is well confined in your yard. A privacy fence might be a good idea for your dog or any dog for that matter. It is important that they feel safe and secure and this helps them as well as you in knowing that your dog is well protected.

It is the irresponsible people who own this type of dog that causes all the current problems that this poor breed of dog is up against. You need to be responsible, like any pet owner or parent, the behavior of your pet depends upon what you have taught them.

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